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Pompeii, Forum, buried in 79 AD by Vesuvius in distance

  Pompeii, Temple of Jupiter and west Triumphal Arch   Pompeii, Basilica (hall of justice)
Pompeii, Temple of Venus   Pompeii, Temple of Apollo

  Pompeii, Apollo
Pompeii, artifacts in storage area   Pompeii, plaster cast of victim   Pompeii, altar in Temple of Vespasian

Pompeii, Temple of Fortuna Augusta   Pompeii, shop doorway with groove for gate   Pompeii, Arch of Tiberius, Arch of Caligula in back

Pompeii, Forum Baths, terracotta Atlases

  Pompeii, Forum Baths (Tepidarium)   Pompeii, Forum Baths (Calidarium)
Pompeii, House of the Faun, Dancing Faun in impluvium (basin)   Pompeii, House of the Faun, garden   Pompeii, House of the Faun, mosaic floor of Alexander's battle

Pompeii, House of the Faun, Doric columns   Pompeii, House of the Faun, mosaic floor   Pompeii, House of the Faun, subfloor heat system for baths

Pompeii, balsalt street with stepping-stones and white marble flakes for reflecting lamps at night

  Pompeii, street with stepping-stones and grooves made by chariot wheels   Pompeii, bakery and mill with oven and grinding stones
Pompeii, brothel with erotic painting   Pompeii, fast food stand   Pompeii, Fullonica of Stephanus, painting

Pompeii, House of Venus, Mars   Pompeii, House of Venus, Venus on Shell   Pompeii, House of Venus, Fountain in Garden

Pompeii, Large Theatre   Pompeii, Small Theatre   Pompeii, Quadriportico behind Large Theatre

Pompeii, Amphitheatre across from Large Gymnasium

  Pompeii, passages in Amphitheatre   Pompeii, inside Amphitheatre
Pompeii, fountain, one of many with different heads   Pompeii, mosaic floor   Pompeii, train between Naples and Serrento
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