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Cusco, Plaza de Armas   Cusco, Cathedral   Cusco, Compania de Jesus Church

Cusco, Monasterio Chapel   Cusco, La Merced Church   Cusco, Santo Domingo Church (see Koricancha below)

Cusco, view from San Blas

  Cusco, Monastery   Cusco, Monastery halls
Cusco, Baroque alter   Cusco, fresco   Cusco, spinning

Cusco, selling goods   Cusco, graduation parade   Cusco, Inca wall, dressed for pictures

Cusco, Palacio Street. The Spanish built on top of Inca structures and used Inca stones.   Cusco, Inca walls supporting Spanish construction   Cusco, Koricancha (place of gold). Santo Domingo Church was built upon temple complex, which included Temple of the Sun.

Cosco, Inca Roca Palace doorway. Double door with snakes on lintel. Small chacana (3-step motif) on right side.

  Cusco, Hatunrumiyoc street, Inca Roca Palace.   Cusco, north wall Inca Roca Palace, Puma (blue), Snake (red)
On road from Cusco to Sacsayhuaman, Colcampata, Inca Manco Capac Palace   Sacsayhuaman, Sun Temple complex with smooth perfectly fitted giant blocks.

  Sacsayhuaman, zig-zag wall of giant blocks.
Sacsayhuaman, ceremonial rock   Huaca (special place), near Sacsayhuaman   Temple of the Moon, cave (large crack) in limestone, notheast of Cusco.

Qenqo, ceremonial complex, northeast of Cusco, located between Sacsayhuaman and Temple of the Moon.

  Qenqo, Ceremonial area with ceremonial rocks.   Qenqo, cave carved in shape of lama's head. For mummification?
Near Pukapukara, northeast of Cusco, near Qenqo and Temple of the Moon

  Pukapukara (red fort) is control point northeast of Cusco   Pukapukara, ceremonial rock
Near Pukapukara, water fountain   Path to Tambomachay, Qeuna native trees   Tambomachay, near Pukapukara, water temple fountains (note niches in wall near top)

Qenqo, ceremonial dolls   Cusco, Inka Museum, Pachu Papa Pachu Mama   Outside Cusco, bulls on roof top.
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