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Intipunku (Gate of the Sun). The thin line (middle right) is the Inca Trail, a very difficult hike into Machu Pichu. Alternative is picturesque bus ride.

  Machu Picchu (1450 AD). See the chin, mouth, large nose and forehead? Buses run continuously from Aguas Calientes to the Park entrance.

  Guardhouse. From the Park entrance, you can walk up to the Guardhouse or down to enter the Park. Up is the best view of Machu Pichu.

Ceremonial Rock. On large terrace behind the Guardhouse. Note smooth carved surfaces and carved image mimicing mountain peak.

  Main Gate. Smooth, well-fitted stones indicate special, royal or sacred. Rough stones used for common structures. No mortar.

  Huayna Picchu. View through Main Gate. Many doors and windows frame surrounding mountains or formations.

Water channel. Engineering includes channeled spring water and extensive stone-lined drainage ditches.

  Fountain. Smooth carved rocks indicate the importance of 16 fountains on the eastern side of central plazas.

  Llama. Llamas graze the terraces and plazas. When sunny, llamas have many tiny biting flies.

Important rock. Smoothly carved rocks are places of importance. They are in the center of both outside ceremonial areas and inside temples.

  Tower (Temple of the Sun). Rounded walls are rare and very special. Smooth ceremonial rock inside.

  Cave under Temple of the Sun. Caves are doors to the underworld. Mausoleum for mummies?

Royal residence door. Well crafted stones indicate importance. As do cylindical rock nobs protrubing from blocks.

  Royal residence floor. Mortars or sun catchers? See Mystical Explanation.

  Royal residence garden. Main plazas beyond.

Rock quarry. Machu Picchu is a gigantic block of granite rock that has been brought up from inside the earth along earthquake faults.

  Sacred pyramid. Power spot?

  Three Windows Temple. Faces east. Monolith and three stepped rock - Snake, Puma, Condor. See Mystical Background.

Rock in transit? Many structures have two doors. One to enter and one to exit? A few structures have three doors.

  Temple wall.

  Image stone. Southern cross?

Arrow stone. Pointing to mountain peak?

  Temple at the top. Three very smooth steps. Window frames. One vortex of knowledge and one of flight? See Mystical Background.

  Intiwatana (Ceremonial Stone). Top of pyramid. Feeling of well being, knowledge and transcendence.

Window at top of pyramid. Looking north framing Una Picchu.

  Same window at top of pyramid. Looking south framing Machu Picchu Mountain.

  Image stone. Carved rock images mimicing mountain peaks.

Condor rock. Just below pyramid votex of flight. Looking west accross main plazas.

  Puma rock. Looking east accross main plazas.

  Sacred Rock. Large, thin image rock erected like a wall.

Mortars or sun catchers?

  Temple of the Condor. Carved head. Natural rock wings.

  Cave. As with the Temple of the Sun, cave is associated with Temple of the Condor.

Machu Picchu orchid.

  Mountains and Urubamba River.

  Argricultural terraces and storage buildings. Lower route back to Park enterance. Good route for going out and coming back in Park.
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