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Montserrat (serrated mountain)   Montserrat Benedictine monastery   Montserrat, view from monastery to Llobregat river basin

Montserrat monastery, one of the arches   Montserrat basilica (1592) houses in its chapel the Virgin of Montserrat (La Moreneta - Black Madonna)

  Montserrat, St. Mary's Square
Montserrat, sculpture of St. George (1986) by Subirachs, the eyes follow you as you go from one side to the other

  Montserrat, deck with arches   Montserrat, Santa Cova (Holy Cave) chapel where according to legend Lady of Montserrat was found
Figueres, Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum (1974)   Figueres, Monument Pujols outside Dali Theatre-Museum

  Figueres, large mural inside Dali Theatre-Museum
Figueres, Gala Nude Looking at the Sea Which at 18 Metres Appears the President Lincoln (1975)

  Figueres, Face of Mae West Which can Be Used as an Apartment (1974)   Figueres, Soft Self Portrait with Grilled Bacon (1941)
Girona, Onyar river and Cathedral (top center)

  Girona, pole with lion   Girona, fortifications
Girona, path to gardens   Girona, narrow streets of old city

  Girona, wall in Roman baths
Sitges, beach and view of Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla

  Sitges, beach front buildings   Sitges, art nouveau clok tower
Sitges, beach sand sculpture   Sitges, beach sand sculpture   Sitges, walking along beach
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